Billary v. Obama, Part II

As we mentioned in the previous post, the upcoming March 4th Ohio Primary looks to be one-sided as McCain will probably salt away the nomination by then.

But the real fun is going happening on the Dem side.  As Billary and Obama are about even in delegates and it seems the upcoming primaries will be split, it looks like Ohio could turn into a battle royal.

Let’s look at the breakdown of support:

In Hillary’s corner: The Establishment, Gov Strickland, older, traditional Dems

In Obama’s corner: Ohio Black Caucus, Netroots,, and that crazy hippie woman who was crying over Obama’s left shoulder on Super Tuesday. C’mon, you know what I’m talking about.

Ring the bell Apollo…ding…ding.

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Ok, Huckabee your turn

I must admit that Mike Huckabee probably has the best personality of all the folks who ran for the GOP nomination, but the chances of him winning the nomination is now over.  It is time for him to step aside and let John McCain begin to bring tha party together.

It is time for the GOP to get their sh*t together and watch Billary and Obama tear each other apart. 

So much for the GOP primary in Ohio on March 4th.  Oh well, should be fun watching the knife fights between the Dems.

Good times!

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Union County to SoS Jennifer Brunner: “Not so fast my friend”

Of all the 88 counties in Ohio to take on the “Elections Tyrant” SoS Jennifer Brunner, Union County, a suburban county outside of Columbus, has decided to give her the perverbial middle finger. 

The Union County commissioners sued Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner yesterday to block her order that counties with touch-screen voting machines make a paper ballot available to voters on request.

You can read the story here.

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“The Rosetta Stone” Marc Dann named “Porker of the Month”

Ah, yes our friend “The Rosetta Stone” AG Marc Dann seems to like to throw around his bling.  Particularly is using the state airplane.  In fact, “Dann was cited for use of the state’s Beechcraft King Air 90 twin-engine airplane 13 times, at a cost of $22,039.”

Wow, this guy is a “Traveling Man”.  With this he has earned the “Porker of the Month” from the Buckeye Institute.  I would not usually cite the Buckeye Institute, but the title is just so good.  You can read the story here from

I believe that AG Marc Dann and Mary Jo Kilroy are in a neck-and-neck battle for getting themselves all kinds of bad press.  Couldn’t happen to two better officeholders.

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Berkeley, California should be napalmed, or at least lose fedral funding.

Ok, I get that Berkeley is the most liberal place on the planet.  But, the Berkeley City Council kicking out the US Marines is total outrageous.  Not only that, but the anti-war commies Code Pink, were even given a parking spot by the city right in front of the Marines Recruiting Center.

But, we have a US Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) who wants to revoke federal funding for these commie dirtbags. 

I’m telling you, I am all for these groups pulling this crap because I think it shows just how “Eff’d Up” and out of touch they are.

Going back to the title of this post, yeah napalming Berkeley is probably not plausible.  But that is why I can never run for office. 

Published in: on February 2, 2008 at 11:28 pm  Leave a Comment endorses Obama, aka America-Haters for Obama

Well, well…the biggest anti-America, troop-hating group in the country endorsed Barak Obama yesterday.  Yep, announced their “members” (aka hippies, commies, losers) endorsed Barak Obama by a 70% to 30% margin over Hilliary Clinton.  You can read the story here.

So, you ask why I say that hates America and its troops?  Well, if you don’t remember the most reprehensible political ad in my life time, here is the link to the disgusting Attack on General Petraeus. 

Yeah, the ad that the Democrats were too afraid to speak up against because their party has been taken over by the far left fringe.  If it were a Republican group accussing Ted “Put a Blonde in Your Pond, Vote for” Kennedy of murdering his mistress, er secretary, holy hell would break loose.  Ok, that was over 30 years ago, but it is always fun to take a shot at Ted Kennedy.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, has galvanized me to defeat any Democrats that are supported by 

If you want to get an idea of how wacked out, its sugar daddy George Soros, and the Democratic Party is now, you should check out former NY Times Reporter Matt Bai’s book “The Argument“.  It goes deep within the bowels of evil and shines a light on it.

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Money Rolls in for some statewides…and not for some.

You can get the fundraising low-down for all the statewide office holders here.  Here are some of the highlights:

Cash on Hand

  • Governor Strikland (D) – $384,000
  • “The Rosetta Stone” AG Marc Dann (D) – $495,000
  • Auditor Mary Taylor (R) – $86,000
  • SoS Jennifer Brunner (D) – $34,000
  • Treasurer Richard Cordray (D) “aka 2010 Dem AG Primary Candidate” – $527,000

Some thoughts on the numbers and the story:

  • Marc Dann has some fans in Texas and New York.  We did not know there were like-minded corrupt smarmy ambulance chasers in Texas.  Also, guess Gov. Spitzer must have been smitten by Dann’s comments that Spitzer is his hero.
  • Mary Taylor needs to get going on the Fundraising.  We have confidence she will pick it up.  She has done a great job as Auditor.  C’mon Mary!
  • On the other hand, Jennifer Brunner should have probably tried to raise some money and not try to take over the Ohio Elections from the county BOEs.  So, she has been less than steller on both ends.
  • HOLY CRAP! Richard Cordray is the 800lb Gorilla in this state.  Doing for all respects a good job as State Treasurer and absolutely crushing everyone in fundraising.  He just lays low and is building a powerhouse.  I think he outraised Jennette Bradley like 10 times over.
  • Maybe Gov. Strickland should donate some of that to the $773 million budget deficit.  Still waiting for that whole “Turn Around Ohio” thing.  Yeah, that slogan is off to a great start.

So, one year down three to go.

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Another Lefty Blog Shilling for Mary Jo Kilroy

We are beginning to wonder if Mary Jo Kilroy has some lefty blogs on payroll.  First there is the this lefty blog who shills for Mary Jo Kilroy but remains TOTALLY silent on the Huntington Ballpark fiasco.

Then you have “Ohio’s largest and most influential blog” that puts up this post today about the fundraising reports of mary Jo Kilroy and her opponent Steve Stivers, for the OH-15 Congressional District, siting this article from the Columbus Dispatch.  Now we have not looked at any reports or anything.  Hell don’t think we could figure out how to download it anyway.

Now I get shilling for your candidates as we do that here, but c’mon man.  Are we reading the same article?  Let’s look at what the story says:

“During the last three months of 2007, Republican state Sen. Steve Stivers raised nearly $50,000 more than Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy, a Franklin County commissioner, in the race for the 15 th Congressional District, reports filed yesterday show. But Kilroy’s balance eclipses Stivers’ by more than $200,000, because she entered the race months before Stivers did.”

  • So, Stivers outraised Kilroy by $50,000 in the final three months.  And Stivers did not enter the race until November, so Stivers actually outraised her in 8 weeks as opposed to her 3 months.
  • Kilroy has $200,000 more Cash on Hand because she has been in the race 11 months longer than Stivers
  • Um, how is that “Kicking Stivers Ass’

“About 54 percent of Stivers’ haul came from political action committees, or PACs, compared with Kilroy’s 22 percent. Stivers, on the other hand, raised a larger share of his money from Ohio sources: 62 percent, compared with about 25 percent for Kilroy, according to the filings.”

  • Um, it does not look like the business community/PACs are going to dry up.  It looks quite the opposite in fact
  • Whoa, 75% of Kilroy’s conrtibutions came from out of state?  Well, using the lefty blog thinking does that mean that Mary Joe’s tearing it up in Ohio?  I don’t see that anywhere in the Lefty Blog post.

Anyway, we just wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention.  As a certain cable news network says, “We report, you decide.”

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Will McCain put it away (almost) on Super Duper Tuesday?

This is more of just a question to the readers.  Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think.

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Mary Jo Kilroy and Unions: Part III – The story that keeps on giving

We are a little late getting to this storyin the Columbus Dispatch that ran on Monday, but it does not lessen the “hay-maker” effect of this story on Mary Jo Kilroy and her congressional campaign.  Here are some of the highlights:

“What commissioners say they didn’t know is that the union company they hired was forced by a court in Pennsylvania last year to pay $48,568 in pension benefits and attorney fees to a worker the company had shorted while he was on military duty in Iraq.

So, does Mary Jo Kilroy hate Iraq Vets or does she just like companies that try to cheat Iraq vets out of money they are due?  (Yes, I am being snarky)

“Prosecutors said William Tomko Jr. dodged paying $225,000 in taxes by laundering bills for his home through his company. The 8,000-square-foot mansion sits on 8 acres and has a home theater, $1.8 million in furnishings and $81,000 in fine art.”

Best part is that this guy billed school districts for the work done on his house.  Does Mary Jo Kilroy support that too?

Ok, I want everyone to look at the following excerpts from the article attributed to Mary Jo Kilroy and her colleague Paula Brooks:

Mary Jo Kilroy: “I’m sorry to hear this,” Kilroy said, expressing surprise that no one else found the case, given the amount of information being tossed at commissioners. “I would expect that on this (ballpark) job, there should be close monitoring on pension, on prevailing wages and on health care.”

Paula Brooks: Commissioner Paula Brooks, who voted against the Tomko contract, said she was aware of the tax charges against William Tomko Jr. but not the pension lawsuit.

“I Googled him and was appalled,” she said.

She said she also knew about a Tomko employee who died on the job in an accident.

“And now, to hear about this,” she said. “This poor worker was doing his duty, putting his life in harm’s way, doing his job in Iraq, and he gets ripped off by his employer.”

Brooks said she agrees “with my two other colleagues that we have to protect workers and uphold prevailing wage. But you have to use common sense. We have to protect our corporate sponsors who are putting money up to build the stadium.”

Wow!  Nice work Commissioner Brooks.  Bravo on not-so-subtle backhand to Mary Jo Kilroy.

Later on it mentions this: Meanwhile, the county has told another nonunion contractor that it plans to reject its low bid for work on the ballpark, again citing the contracting standards. The Painting Co., based in Plain City, didn’t pay prevailing wages.

Then the lawyer for The Painting Company replies: “If ever Franklin County taxpayers wanted to know that the county commissioners were trying to enforce a union-only agreement by underhanded agreements, then this is it, plain and simple,” Mason said. “Hopefully, they will see the error of their ways and stop.”

Man, this is the story that keeps on giving!

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